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The Youth Citizens Observers Network (YCON) is a dedicated platform that brings together various youth organizations, entities, and resistance committees in Sudan. Created with the purpose of monitoring the political, security, and humanitarian situation in Sudan, YCON actively seeks to address violations and advocate for peace and democratization. By uniting passionate young individuals who are concerned about the well-being of their country, YCON strives to make a positive impact and create a more inclusive and democratic society. Through its monitoring efforts and support for peace initiatives, YCON serves as a pivotal force in promoting transparency, human rights, and the overall welfare of the Sudanese population.

We are a group of Sudanese youth, many from civil society organizations and resistance committees across Sudan, who are interested in civilian monitoring and peacebuilding. We have formed a network, the Youth Citizens Observers Network (YCON), to support the democratic transition in Sudan by activating the role of youth locally. Our vision is to build a transparent social democracy through civil oversight monitoring and to strengthen the principle of good governance in Sudan. Our message is to empower youth to be the foundation and guarantee of building a democracy that achieves freedom, peace, and justice in Sudan.



Our mechanisms involve coordinating with various youth components on how to work together to solve localization problems and transfer ownership to local peacebuilders, particularly in closing civic and observation spaces during Sudan’s transition.

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