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March 2024 Report

The war in Sudan continues, which is about to complete its first year since its outbreak on April 15, 2023. The situation exacerbates and the map of violence expands between the warring parties, while it appears that the possibility of a permanent solution to end the war is far from reach. In addition to that, the warring parties are calling for the mobilization of the Sudanese people to sacrifice them as fuel in the fights.

Below is a report compiled by YCON local observers across Sudan. It reflects on the social, economic, and political repercussions of war, in addition to the asylum and displacement movements, and the conditions of the displaced and refugees in the camps, in the period from 27th of February 2024 to 27th of March, 2024, as well as our recommendations - we, the youth - to help resolve the Sudanese crisis. Download and read the full report:

March 2024 Report
Download PDF • 3.36MB


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