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Implications of the war in Sudan (October 2023) Political, economical, Social human rights Situation

Following the outbreak of the current war, the YCON decided to observe various violations that occurred during the war and their resulting effects. This includes documenting migration, displacement, and human rights issues and contributing to various efforts aimed at ending the war.

The network has observers deployed in all 18 states of Sudan who work in the field to observe and report, sending their preliminary reports as the basis for the network's various reports and activities. This report serves as a summary of the observers' reports from all states during the past month, reflecting the most important developments, the political, economic, and social implications of the war, and the situation of displaced persons, human rights, and civilian protection.

The repercussions of the war are increasing in all aspects of Sudanese life, with human rights violations, security restrictions, and instances of polarization growing as the war continues, without reaching agreements leading to a ceasefire and allowing humanitarian aid to enter conflict areas. In this report, various human rights violations and social implications have been documented, including cases of polarization and social conflicts fueled by the main conflict parties, which threaten peace in multiple states

Read the full report from here:

YCON Report - October 2023 - Implications of the War
Download PDF • 360KB


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