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More Than 200 Days of War: In-depth Report on the Realities of Sudan's War

Seven months into the war in Sudan, the Youth Citizen Observer Network continues to investigate and document violations by the primary and secondary parties in the conflict, despite enormous challenges faced by our members. The Network's observers monitored the truces which were never respected. The monitoring team also followed up on the political, economic, health, and refugee conditions on all Sudanese lands despite the field and political challenges facing all Network members.

Over half a year into the war, YCON conducted a survey amongst some 900 Sudanese youth active in political and public life. SAID- CAN YOU SAY WHERE? WAS It ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Sudanese youth, who make up X percent of the country’s population, are predominant in Resistance Committees (RCs) and Emergency Response Rooms, set up by RCs after war erupted in April 2023. Since then, Emergency Response Rooms remain the only support system for millions of Sudanese inside and outside conflict areas. Yet Resistance Committees, who were sidelined during the transitional period prior the current conflict, have remained largely outside political efforts to end the war. In other words, youth, a key segment of Sudan’s population, remain politically marginalized.

YCON’s poll evaluates the political views of Sudanese youth vis-à-vis the role of the international community and the Sudanese civilian politicians involved in the many competing initiatives to end the conflict. The findings reveal that youth in Sudan have little confidence in both the international community and Sudanese civilian politicians in ending the conflict. These findings provide an urgent wake-up call to the international community and Sudan’s civilian politicians that existing approaches to end the war and get Sudan back on track towards a democratic transition must be more transparent and inclusive. An overwhelming majority of youth polled said they have no confidence in Sudanese civilian politicians involved in so-called initiatives to end the war.

In the following report the Youth Citizen Observer Network provides details of this poll. It also provides details from field observers of violations carried out by the main warring parties, Sudan’s Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The findings provide insights for Sudanese and international actors seeking to end the war and support Sudan’s progress towards lasting peace and establishing a democratic state

Read the full report from the document attached:

In-depth Report on the realities of Sudan War
Download PDF • 400KB


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